I’m Broke as Fuck

As we all know I’m a dirtbag, and I’m not that into the “working thing”. I live simply and cheaply which affords me these opportunities. I eat out of dumpsters and I live out of my truck; but I get to climb 200+ days a year so its totally worth it. But what about when your truck breaks down, or worse my truck breaks down; “FUCK I ain’t got no money, what am I gonna do” is usually what I say. How am I going to pay for this? Fuck I need to make some money! As a rock climbing dirtbag I’m really good at avoiding “real” life and responsibility; usually this works seamlessly, go climb and don’t spend money. I live in climbing areas or on someone else’s couch; I think I’m a good house guest I don’t stay too long and I clean the shit out of the place. I have no problem sleeping in my truck in town, it doesn’t bother me at all cooking coffee on my tailgate in a parking lot or neighborhood. But without my truck and being homeless for real, that really sucks! It’s one thing to stay at your bros house for a couple of days with the ability to leave if they’re vibing me; it’s totally different asking to stay for an unknown amount of time. Not only is my house in the shop but also mode of transportation; now I have to ride a bicycle like someone who has three DUIs. I don’t know why I hate working. I have a great job, I’m either backpacking or climbing. And I know when I tell people what I do the first thing they say is “you’re so lucky”. I am, l live a life of leisure and have a great employer. So I should get off my ungrateful lazy dirtbag ass and go back to work.

Colin Smith

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