Getting Off My Ass

I just got off the phone with my buddy Matt. We were talking about life and bullshit and art and climbing and being broke and of course wasting time because as we all know that’s what dirtbags are best at. He asked me what I’d been writing lately and I responded the same way that everyone who has ever had a blog responds “man I’ve been busy”. Which is total bullshit because I’m a dirtbag rock climbing field guide; I’ve made a career out of hanging out, my life is like a bud light lime commercial except without all the caribbean piss drink. I’ve been lazy not busy I’ve not really wrote because I got out of the habit. I’ve used excuses like “I need to be inspired” or “no body cares”. Who gives a fuck if nobody reads what I write! It’s important to create for the sake of creating, it’s like rock climbing, surfing, skiing, mountain biking it’s all completely worthless except to those who partake. We love it and that’s all that matters! The love the passion the drive so if people care or not I’m writing again and I hope you like it or not. Get out, get dirty, try hard, succeed, fail, fuck it and bail to rusty’s. Do it for you, cause if no one else cares you and I will.

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