What Happened

Two weeks ago Tuesday I went down to Las Vegas to do some rock climbing and to distract myself while I waited for the inevitable win of hillary Clinton. I really love Politics I think it’s the most rad thing in the world other than rock climbing. I know that the government is more progressive on the federal than on the local level. I believe that the government can and should be a force for good in this great country. I vote, I read, I listen, I call my congressman, I’m an informed member of the electorate; I am a devout American. When Donald Trump won the electoral college I was blown away I was sitting in Caesar’s Palace sports book when I saw him win Pennsylvania. I was devastated. After we left I wept for hours, I cried for young and old men in prison serving asinine sentences from mandatory minimums that came out of the clinton administration. I cried for the eleven, twelve, and thirteen year olds who are wondering if their parents are going to get deported. I cried for our country and the fact that I thought it was impossible for him to get elected. I cried for our planet.
I voted for Hillary I didn’t caucus for her; I was no huge fan, but I also wasn’t ashamed about the vote I cast. I was happy to vote for what I thought would be the first female President of the United States. I don’t want to sling shity on Trump like many other pundits, and yes much of his rhetoric was extremely inflammatory. However some of the things he promised I liked. Investing in infrastructure, “draining the swamp”, working to restore the middle class. Mr. President Elect I hope you can be successful; I have little faith in him and his ability especially now that his cabinet is taking shape. Also I’m not sure how he’s going to be able to afford everything once he cuts taxes. He’s a climate change denier and he certainly won’t protect the wild places we all love.
This all being said I’m choosing to be hopeful, skeptically hopeful, and ready to fight and do everything in my power to stop any of the bullshit this administration will try to pull. Also I’m challenging all of you to get involved and informed: consume media you don’t agree with, have conversations and listen to other people’s point of view, and give money to organizations like the ACLU, the Sierra Club, the NAACP, and Planned Parenthood. Never forget that we’re all in this together.

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