I’ve been distracted. Not distracted in the typical sense of wasting time reading the alpinist when I should be working or climbing; I’ve been distracted by other life events. First of all, Amy and I both got jobs which is helpful, I ended up with two jobs by accident for the month of May. One of my best friends got married, which was incredible, they planned this retreat feeling celebration over Memorial Day weekend. Also, we got a van from Michigan and I drove it out west. That seems like a lot to me along with climbing inside and out and trying to bag peaks along the Wasatch front. It’s a good thing to be busy and it’s okay that a real job takes precedence over my creative endeavors. I need to make some money from time to time. But, I’m recommitting to myself and to everyone else that I’m getting back to work on Rambler’s Roost with new content and pieces that hopefully will inspire, excite, and cause laughter. Thanks for all your support, it’s been a great pleasure to get positive and constructive feedback from y’all.

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