Get Out There

I’m not much of a runner, I like to trail run but it’s more like quick hiking I just like moving over easy terrain quickly. I am a backpacker, I love moving across beautiful landscapes with everything that I need to survive on my back. But, I’m still no runner. I don’t have any interest in doing any sort of race. Biking, I’m not much of a cyclist. I think I like to build and fix bikes more than I actually like riding them. And mountain biking, absolutely not. Those dudes get SO fucked up; I have no interest in a sport that could ruin all other outdoor pursuits for months. We all know that I’m a climber and skiing is fun too. However, these are my opinions, this is just what I like to do in order to get out into the backcountry and struggle which usually leads to a fulfilling feeling.

I was in a parking lot the other day and I saw a bumper sticker that said 0.0; I’ve seen these stickers before and never thought anything of it. Until yesterday, that sticker filled me full of pity for the owner of that Subaru, pity that they are so attached to their inactivity that they would mock the accomplishments of other human beings. The culture around struggle and discomfort we have here in America is appalling, it seems as though it’s a point of pride to never have to do a single hard goddamn thing. People often live in apathy, because it is the norm for them, they don’t even know that there is something wrong because they’ve never seen anything different. What a shame!

Doing hard things is valuable, not just for the individual but for society as a whole. When the people do hard and rad things around us, that inspires us to do hard rad stuff. I’m going to say it again I am not some cardio junkie. All of my ski touring partners worst days each season are the days they go out with me because I’m so slow. I don’t expect that anyone reading this will start to train for the Himalaya, but we could all go for a hike and go for one that’s a little out of what we think we can do. Whether that’s faster than you thought you could do it in or further than you thought you could go. We’ll have more self-esteem, less anxiety, and more joy. That sounds wonderful to me; how about you? That’s why we’re kicking off our Peak a Week campaign in order to motivate one another to get out there and hopefully have an adventure.

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