Skillet Kill It!

The Lodge cast iron 10.25” skillet is another essential piece of gear for the dirtbag. It’s the most versatile piece of cooking equipment that we own, you can use it on a stove or on the fire, it will keep your food warm way longer than the aluminum piece of shit that you got from the goodwill. Also, you can use it to fry, sauté, or bake. Did I mention how durable they are? You could drop one of these bad boys of the top of Dolt tower and make a scramble with it after you send the nose. Also, you don’t have to wash the cast iron with soap and water; just a quick dirtbag wipe is all that you need to do to clean your skillet. Coming in at $20.95 at REI and even cheaper on the internet you will be cooking in style next time you’re doing the morning hang in the fins before getting on your project. Real talk Amy haven’t washed our Cast Iron in the last two years.

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