New Years…Whatever

The definition of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something.” This is an awesome sentiment and it makes sense why people would make a resolution for the New Year. My question is why January first? There isn’t any importance regarding that day accept we write a different year at the end of our dates. So many people make such a big deal out of New Years and it really is the worlds largest non-event. It seems like people believe there is some sort of magic associated with the new year. Which I hope we can all agree that there is not. The reality is that lots of people go out and drink too much alcohol. Also, humans only have a finite amount of will power. Have you ever tried to kick a habit? The morning for me goes great but then it’s the evening that is where I start to struggle to maintain the boundary that I have set for myself. So how can people expect to create a resolution and remain committed to it for the next 365 days. I think that is such a ridiculous expectation that no one that I know could be successful.

What about goals for the year? I am totally in favor of this idea and it’s what I do. The first year I did this was 2015 I said I wanted to climb in six new climbing areas and I was successful, this was the first year I quit doing resolutions and started setting goals. Since then I have been setting goals for each year, and I don’t always complete them. I always come close though. And isn’t that a better place to end up, my goal was to climb 200 days this year I don’t know where I ended up with that goal because I stopped counting at 112. But I didn’t stop climbing I just stopped counting. I wasn’t resolute when it came to counting but I can’t imagine a day when I am no longer resolute about my outdoor pursuits. Also, remember that it is okay to get busy and miss a day just don’t give up; don’t use it as a reason to quit as many people do, myself especially.

There is nothing wrong with setting yourself a New Year’s resolution. If that is how you are able to set goals and stick with them that is great. And if you or I want to make a change in our lives there is nothing wrong with January 9thor April 3rdor whatever day is today. Figure out how to achieve your goals and start working towards them today. I know that tomorrow can seem like a better day to start something but all we have is today and the decisions we make right this second are the decisions that affect us soonest. So, if you want to go on an international climbing trip start saving right now or if you want to ski 100 days this year quit reading this and go skiing. However you or I want our lives to look let’s make a decision right this second and every morning after that to live with that purpose.

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