Everybody Needs Pants

Pants for climbing are always hard for me to find, I have a lot of criteria for the pants that I wear. They have to be stretchy because I go climbing in every article of clothing that I own. Also, they need to be fashionable so I can also wear them to work because it’s so important for me to look “business casual.” They also need to be durable, cheap, and look good when they’re dirty. That’s not too much to ask for is it? I don’t think so. When I say cheap that is totally dependent on how much money y’all have. For me living in a van money is a hot commodity. I have worn pants made by Carhart, Black Diamond, OR, Patagonia, Prana, and Arc’teryx. Basically, every outdoor company they all have been great at meeting different aspects of my needs however none have satisfied them all. Until one day I was in Target and I found them; the most perfect all-around pant. They are made by Goodfellow & Co which I believe is target’s brand. These pants come in all different styles from skinny to relaxed and it will only be your tight hips that’ll keep you from doing the high step on your project. They look great, so good that after a morning gym session I head straight into work and I am “Mr. Business Casual.” Coming in at $22.99 they’re a steal and so far, the pants have lasted between nine and twelve months each (I wear them between two and four days in a row typically) and they would probably last longer if I wouldn’t thruch so much and better style.

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