When I met Amy, she was Florida as fuck, she had bleached blonde hair and was wearing a floral tank top onesie. She thought I was an ass hole. Which as we all know is true; she was in Salt Lake visiting from Florida with a couple of my friends, Kim and Tony. I only saw her the one night and I had always remembered her as Kim’s hot standoffish friend. It I didn’t run into her again for another year Kim and Tony had just gotten back from South America and we all went out that evening, which I never do on account of being a recovering alcoholic. Amy was kind of mean to me. She was making fun of me and threw some of my shit off a balcony. That night we made some popcorn and she spit a kernel at me which I caught in my mouth. I wooed her, when I got back from a month-long expedition. It was love. She wasn’t much of a climber when we met, she really was kind of a workaholic, which also I am absolutely opposed to. We started going on climbing trips together and that is where our relationship really took shape. Dirtbagging was intuitive for her because as we all know 90% of dirtbagging is cooking and hanging out. She felt comfortable hanging out in the back of my truck or in a grocery store, that is when knew I had a partner. She has the ability to be goofy and to be hyper focused, she can roll with the punches while clearly stating her needs, and she loves to boulder which is awesome. We’ve lived in a vehicle together now for almost two years, built out a van, traversed the continent multiple times and she is still willing to marry me. Simply put, she is a badass, hardcore, dirtbag queen.

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