Motivation is such an interesting thing, because sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t. Also, it is like the hardest thing to find but the easiest thing to lose. I know the way that I feel when I am really motivated to train and to eat a healthy diet and work hard on our blog. It feels incredible, I feel unstoppable and more psyched the harder that I try and the more that I do. I also notice that my affect is generally more positive and that I am around more interesting people. Maybe that is because I am putting positive vibes out to others or maybe because I am happier and people want to spend more time around me. 

            What about when it is gone? Like I have no idea where to find more of it. Like lately I haven’t even wanted to spray and that is my favorite about being an outdoor enthusiast. It’s the only part that I am any good at. I’m not sure if this is something going on inside of me or if it is an external factor weighing on me. I am struggling to hold the simplest of boundaries with myself which I think is what is the most frustrating. It’s frustrating because I believe that I am really good at setting an expectation for myself and sticking with them. I educate people about the importance of boundaries with themselves and advocating for what they need. I don’t know where my internal motivation has gone but I need it back bad.

            I have heard from many people that psych and motivation ebbs and flows which is fine if the case is that I am not excited and motivated right now, but what about my mental health and the toll this is taking. I am less upbeat and generally more negative, which is frustrating. I need to be happier. There is a complex answer to a simple question, I think that I am overwhelmed with other things that I have got going on in my life, which makes everything else feel harder. I need to continue examining my life to find out what the next move to take is; do I quit my job? Do I move away from Salt Lake? Do I go see a professional? I’m not sure, I know that I need to do something so I can take care of myself better.

3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Alex,
    Please give yourself some self care and grace. You may not be as motivated as you’d like to be. I’ve been there as I’m sure many others have as well. Sometimes you need to give yourself a mental vacation from motivation and that’s alright. You motivate me every time I read your blog posts. Thank you for putting what you are feeling out here to your readers. Much love, Dana

      1. Colin,
        Yes, my apologies, Abby an I had just watched Free Solo when I read your post I somehow mixed up the names.

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