Last Pot You Ever Need

The Evernew titanium UL pot set medium is the best all-around set of pots that money can buy, in my opinion. It comes with a 1300 mL pot and a 900 mL pot; the two pots together weigh 9 ounces. They have no coating and no frills; these pots are uninterested in any nonsense. If these pots could talk they would spray about their next thru hike and how they’ll be able to trim the last few ounces from their base weight. I have used one or both of these pots on every adventure I’ve had since I hiked the PCT in 2013. I also use one of them every morning to boil water to make our coffee. Despite not having a non-stick coating the pots are a breeze to clean, if something is stuck on to them, just use a little dirt or steel wool and they’ll shine like new. I have beaten these things up, dropped them of cliffs, had them fall out of the back of trucks, and even used them to shave my face. If you think about spending $90 on two pots for backpacking, it seems ridiculous. However, if I do the math and figure that I have used these pots 250 times a year for the last seven years, that means they have cost me 5 cents every time I have used them. Evernew offers an awesome warranty on their products and their staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

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