Rainy truck life days can be pretty boring. I don’t feel that well today; it’s raining because it’s spring in Salt Lake City. I’m not complaining about the rain, California really needs the water. I feel like I am getting a cold and I wish I had a little more room to spread out, I am really missing the van. It has been nice however, to be living back in the truck it definitely feels more adventurous than having all the luxuries of the van which is a real nice change of pace. It has also been nice not to have a project looming over my head, I have been able to go climbing and write a bunch rather than obsess over the next thing to do on the van. I am just going back to my roots. I used to feel kind of badass when I would show people the way that I lived, and I was able to make “Trucklife” feel really sustainable for quite a while. I know that if anyone is thinking about tiny living or van life my suggestion would be just to move into the car that you already own. Don’t go out and buy an expensive cargo van. Just evaluate why you are willing to live in a car and do it! Then it won’t be this undertaking of monumental proportion you can just sleep in your car and do what you love. Believe me if you can live in a station wagon you can live in a sprinter van. There is nothing easier to me than living in our van, the truck on the other hand is pretty snug for two people. And on a rainy day after three days of climbing and getting a cold I can’t wait to get our house on wheels back and appreciate every minute we have with it.

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