Trip 7/19

The Wind Rivers is the most incredible mountain range that I have ever been in. That place is so beautiful, the mountains make me want to rip off all of my clothes while fist pumping the universe simultaneously. When we drove into Pinedale I thought to myself Jesus those are some big mountains and as we drove toward the trailhead I could feel the anticipation building within me. Why? This was the beginning of my bachelor party, I am using that term loosely, and I was headed to a new place with some of my best friends. 

            I have been a part of a group for almost six years now. We get on the phone every Sunday and talk for ninety minutes. We take that time to connect and process and sometimes challenge one another. We also do a backpacking trip every year in order to connect with each other in person. This year the group decided to go to the Winds. I was so psyched that we were going, I had only done one trip into the cirque of the towers to go climbing. That was one of the most incredible trips of my life, I had never been so scared and so psyched at the same time.

            Sharing time in the backcountry with other people is incredibly cathartic. It is so helpful tobe in awe and bath in the beauty of a place in order to connect with your friends more deeply. The concept of connecting with other people is foreign in our society today. How often do you go into a public place and you see people living their lives through their phones? How often do you live your own life that way? How often do you set intentions for the time you will spend with your loved ones? What would all of our lives look like if we were entirely intentional? I don’t mean to pontificate and sound like some kind of guru, I can waste as much time as anyone playing candy crush or watching YouTube. But I know the importance of creating sacredness in my life.

            I am getting married this upcoming week and I’m going to share promises that I am making to Amy in front of many of our loved ones. So, what the trip started with my best friends is a reminder to be here in the moment and engage with my partner to fully experience every moment. That is a lofty goal and those are the only goals worth having. So, as we start our lives together I am committing to be present with the love of my life.

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