Gettin’ Hitched

            Amy and I have been together for over three years and almost half of that we’ve lived in one of our vehicles, it’s pretty snug. It has been a crazy experience to share such a small space with another human; I lived out of a Nissan Frontier for six years and before that I was in a ford focus station wagon. When we moved into the truck together I thought for sure that she was going to break up with me I pictured a scene from a road trip movie where we’d be on the side of the road somewhere and we’d get into a fight and she’d leave me. That was not the case. What did happen is that she’s given me the opportunity to learn more about myself than I ever could’ve imagined. She has taught me patience, compassion, empathy, acceptance, and how to love unconditionally. She has been the best mirror into my defects of character and she still wants to live and share her life with me. I never knew why I wanted to be in a relationship, but I know now that I craved the learning and self-discovery that only can be found in a real partnership. That’s why I’m happy to announce that we’re getting hitched! I say getting hitched because a knot is rope running around its self, but a hitch is around something else. We are hitched together.

            We have had many struggles with our mobile living situation and we are stronger because of it. I am so excited to be able to share my life with the most incredible woman. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend our first Vanniversary!

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